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Main Functions 2075-05-12


Major tasks of The Ministry of Home Affairs

According to the Government of Nepal (Partition) Regulations, 2074

1. Internal security and peace policy; policy, law, criteria, plan implementation and regulation;
2. Collecting, analyzing, utilizing, coordinating and protecting the security of specific individuals, important places, buildings, structures, diplomatic employee and highways;
3. Law, review and coordination of the Union and State;
4. Crime Rule and Control Policy, Law, Criteria and Regulation;
5. Crime research and crime research records;
6. Criminal Control International International, Regional Coordination and Cooperation;
7. Delivery Law, Treaty, Agreement and Implementation;
8. Citizenship Policy Policy, Law, Implementation and Regulation;

9. Family Issues (Marriage, Property Transfers, Collapse Breakthroughs, Endangered, Neuroscope, Apostolic Succession and Joint Family) Concerning Law;
10. The policy, law, criterion, implementation and regulation related to age, name and gender correcting;
11. Policy, Law, Criteria, Implementation, Control Regulation of the use of weapons, snacks and explosives.
12. Torture policy, policy, law, criteria, coordination and regulation;
13. Preventive detention, imprisonment and custody management policy, law and criteria;
14. Accused, imprisonment and prisoner interfere transfers;
15. Policy, law and management in asylum seekers;
16. Property acquisition, land acquisition, acquisition and favorable policy, law, criteria and regulation;
17. Policy, Law, Criteria and Regulation;
18. National Policy, Law, Criteria, Implementation and Regulation of Disaster Management Agreement;
19. Cooperation of the National Disaster Fund and the cooperation and coordination of the Regional Disaster Fund;
20. Punishment, forgiveness, friendship and change;
21. Election and Poll Archive;
22. Management of public departures, festivals, municipalities;
23. Contact and coordinate with Interpol and International Police Organizations;
24. Protection and promotion of human rights and civil liberties;
25. Cooperation and coordination in the international peace process;
26. International borders, border security, border administration and security of international borders;
27. Control of activities of armed rebellion, political and organized crime, terrorist activities and illegal organizations and prevention of terminal tunnels;

28. Collection, analysis, analysis, use and conservation of public interest and importance;
29. National identity card management policy, law, criteria, implementation and regulation;
30. Regarding the regulation, presence, activity and departure of foreign citizens, regulation, control and recording;
31. Immigration;
32. Urgent item or service coordination coordinator;
33. Title, honesty and beauty and beauty;
34. Relief and rehabilitation of conflict victims and displaced persons;
35. Financial assistance;
36. Applied drug control;
37. Religious subjects, pilgrimage and pilgrims;
38. Welfare and non-payment funds;
39. In public places prevention of unwanted behavior, drug substance, public crime control;
40. Public fund collection collection and control;
41. National International Coordination and Contacts regarding Home Administration (Prison, Peace Goods, Approved Drugs, Outbreak Management, Delivery);
42. Election use;
43. Nepal;
44. Armed Police Force, Nepal;
45. Police Welfare;
46. Police Kakar Bakhana;
47. Disputes related to public subject, investigation and investigation of the event;
48. Management and coordination of road control and government vehicles;
49. Agreement, Agreement, Contact and Coordination with the National International Organization of the Ministry;
50. Public administration, Authority of the Ministry, Committee, Operation and Regulation of the establishment department;
51. Topics not related to work of other ministries.


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