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Ministry of Home Affairs

Singhdurbar, Kathmandu

Main Functions


Major tasks of The Ministry of Home Affairs

According to the Government of Nepal (Partition) Regulations, 2074

1. Internal security and peace policy; policy, law, criteria, plan implementation and regulation;
2. Collecting, analyzing, utilizing, coordinating and protecting the security of specific individuals, important places, buildings, structures, diplomatic employee and highways;
3. Law, review and coordination of the Union and State;
4. Crime Rule and Control Policy, Law, Criteria and Regulation;
5. Crime research and crime research records;
6. Criminal Control International International, Regional Coordination and Cooperation;
7. Delivery Law, Treaty, Agreement and Implementation;
8. Citizenship Policy Policy, Law, Implementation and Regulation;

9. Family Issues (Marriage, Property Transfers, Collapse Breakthroughs, Endangered, Neuroscope, Apostolic Succession and Joint Family) Concerning Law;
10. The policy, law, criterion, implementation and regulation related to age, name and gender correcting;
11. Policy, Law, Criteria, Implementation, Control Regulation of the use of weapons, snacks and explosives.
12. Torture policy, policy, law, criteria, coordination and regulation;
13. Preventive detention, imprisonment and custody management policy, law and criteria;
14. Accused, imprisonment and prisoner interfere transfers;
15. Policy, law and management in asylum seekers;
16. Property acquisition, land acquisition, acquisition and favorable policy, law, criteria and regulation;
17. Policy, Law, Criteria and Regulation;
18. National Policy, Law, Criteria, Implementation and Regulation of Disaster Management Agreement;
19. Cooperation of the National Disaster Fund and the cooperation and coordination of the Regional Disaster Fund;
20. Punishment, forgiveness, friendship and change;
21. Election and Poll Archive;
22. Management of public departures, festivals, municipalities;
23. Contact and coordinate with Interpol and International Police Organizations;
24. Protection and promotion of human rights and civil liberties;
25. Cooperation and coordination in the international peace process;
26. International borders, border security, border administration and security of international borders;
27. Control of activities of armed rebellion, political and organized crime, terrorist activities and illegal organizations and prevention of terminal tunnels;

28. Collection, analysis, analysis, use and conservation of public interest and importance;
29. National identity card management policy, law, criteria, implementation and regulation;
30. Regarding the regulation, presence, activity and departure of foreign citizens, regulation, control and recording;
31. Immigration;
32. Urgent item or service coordination coordinator;
33. Title, honesty and beauty and beauty;
34. Relief and rehabilitation of conflict victims and displaced persons;
35. Financial assistance;
36. Applied drug control;
37. Religious subjects, pilgrimage and pilgrims;
38. Welfare and non-payment funds;
39. In public places prevention of unwanted behavior, drug substance, public crime control;
40. Public fund collection collection and control;
41. National International Coordination and Contacts regarding Home Administration (Prison, Peace Goods, Approved Drugs, Outbreak Management, Delivery);
42. Election use;
43. Nepal;
44. Armed Police Force, Nepal;
45. Police Welfare;
46. Police Kakar Bakhana;
47. Disputes related to public subject, investigation and investigation of the event;
48. Management and coordination of road control and government vehicles;
49. Agreement, Agreement, Contact and Coordination with the National International Organization of the Ministry;
50. Public administration, Authority of the Ministry, Committee, Operation and Regulation of the establishment department;
51. Topics not related to work of other ministries.